Dreams and Symbols

Dreams and symbols give meaning to my life.

The wise part of myself speaks to me through my dreams.

My conscious task is to decipher their language. So, I find myself sculpting them.

My unconscious shines light on my dark and blind spots, so I can develop my potential and find my own unique voice.

From a seed to become a full tree and then find the courage to ungrudgingly become earth once again. To open my suitcases and packages and see what is in there. To separate what belongs to me and discard what doesn’t. To wear the shoes that fit me.

When I manage to follow my turtle’s rhythm in the depths of the earth, the tectonic plates slowly move.

I learn from the ant and bee and shiver when I watch spider suck the life out of her innocent victim.

I try to leave cars aside and go on my own steam wherever I need.

I am reminded to become an empty vessel and allow life to fill me and accept what is. I try to celebrate life, bow to her wishes, tend to my garden, give and love with all I have.